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FR2E Series

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Developed as a strategic partnership between Nord Gear and Fusion Fluid Equipment, this series is designed to provide a more robust right angle design at an economical price point than traditional worm gears. With a 2 stage helical/bevel gear set, many more years of service life is possible. This series fills a void in the market between small “portable” style mixers and large gear driven agitators.

  • High efficiency helical gearing.
  • Economical price point.
  • Great service life with quality output bearings.
  • Right angle design for reduced headspace.
  • Customizable ratio range for many types of applications, ranging from small scale with high torque (high viscosity ribbon blenders for example) to larger scale high torque and low power applications (water treatment for example)
  • Cast aluminum frame for weight and cost savings.
  • NEMA C face inputs for wide range of motor options.


  • Power: 1/3 - 10HP
  • GEAR DRIVE speeds: 15-480 RPM
  • SHAFT DIAMETERS (TYPICAL): ¾”, 1”, 1.25”, & 1.5”
  • SHAFT LENGTH: Up to 134” FMB
  • OPEN TANK MOUNTS: Plate, and Angle Riser
  • CLOSED TANK MOUNTS: ANSI flange and Tri-clamp Ferrule.

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