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Kicker Impeller

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The KR2 is a very basic impeller design with one major task in mind…. Mixing to low levels in the tank will draining. Often called “Kicker” within the mixer industry, it is designed to provide some minimal agitation for when the liquid level drops below the lowest major mixing impeller within the tank. They provide some minimal fluid motion to prevent drain clogging in slurries when the solids start to settle, and keep the fluid in motion. Blades can be customized for dish bottoms or cone bottoms to follow the shape of the tank. If it is critical to keep fluid moving, at least at some minimal level, the KR2 is a simplified impeller that will offer a solution.


  • POWER NUMBER (NP) = 0.69
  • FLOW NUMBER (NQ) = 0.36
  • Flow Direction: Radial
  • Diameters (1PC welded construction): 3” to 300”+
  • Diameters (bolted blade construction): Custom as required (generally not required due to only having 2 blades)
  • Bores: ¼” to 18”+