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Side Entry Mag Drive

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There are only a handful of mixer companies who can make a side entry magnetically driven mixer and get it right. Fusion is proud to be one of those companies, and also domestic made right in the USA! This means faster lead times and parts that are easy to obtain when needed. As with our top entry line, Fusion’s approach to magnetically driven side entry mixers is very flexible. We take any design that could be used with mechanical seal and configure it to your application with a magnetic coupling.

As with any side entry magnetic driven application, it is important that the process fluid is free of abrasives in the tank, to maximize the life of the mixer.

Key Features

  • Low or high viscosity blending
  • Small or large scale
  • Right angle or belt driven configurations
  • Process lubricated bearing frames
  • Chemical resistant options such as Hastelloy, Nickle, Titanium, and others.
  • Bearing options such as ceramic, nitride, and stainless hybrid bearing options
  • Composite bushings options such as Peek, Teflon, or metalized graphite


  • Power: 1/3 - 200HP
  • DRIVE speeds: 175-450 RPM Options
  • Drive Type: Any gear, or belt driven