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RT6 Impeller

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The Rushton impeller, named after its designer, is one of the first mixing impeller designs to be documented. The classic design of this impeller provides a simple radial flow pattern that moves material from the center of the vessel outward where it flows along the outer walls of the tank. It is most commonly used in reactor tanks, two phase mixing (liquid/gas), and any application requiring INTENSE mixing with high power per volume. Standard designs include industry typical proportions for blade height, width, and disc diameter.

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  • POWER NUMBER (NP) = 5.75
  • FLOW NUMBER (NQ) = 0.79
  • Flow Direction: Radial
  • Diameters (1PC welded construction): 3” to 300”+
  • Diameters (bolted blade construction): As required, to fit thru manways
  • Bores: ¼” to 18”+