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SBC-S Series

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The SBC-S series might possibly be the very best belt driven side entry mixer every built! The design comes from listening to how our customers in the Pulp and Paper industry continue to struggle with our competitions’ mixers, Fusion developed a design with reliability and ease of maintenance in mind. GIANT drive bearings inside of an independent bearing cartridge with hollow bore connection provide extreme support for the mixer shaft in abusive duty applications. Each bearing in our standard drive is rated for 40,900 lbs of radial loading!

By creating this modular bearing design, we are able to use large bearings and eliminate removable coupling sets, which are the source of unwanted runout as the mixer ages. Additionally, the hollow bore design allows for engagement of a very solid shutoff device and removal of the bearing cartridge so periodic service can be done in the workshop / tool room instead of on the mixer. Additional bearing cartridges can be sold separately for quick swaps in the field and minimal downtime. Never have to hammer in replacement bearings again! Check out our maintenance videos on YouTube today.

Key Features

  • Pivot motor design for easy belt tension adjustment.
  • Available with cog belts or V-belts based on customer preference.
  • Packing gland designs for Pulp and Paper standard with water flush bushing for extended service life.
  • Optional labyrinth seals on bearing frame.
  • Removable bearing cartridge for ease of maintenance.
  • Hollow bore connection with drive collet eliminates need for coupling set.
  • Easier to work on than typical belt drive mixers. No need for shimming or alignment. All connections are registered / piloted for concentric location.
  • Mechanical seal designs with flush ports in single or double configurations.