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RP4 Impeller

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A very simple design with similar proportions to the Pitched Blade Turbine, but with vertical blades. Although not the first choice for most applications, this impeller certainly has a few niche benefits. Unlike the Rushton or Smith, it can run closer to tank bottoms without severe loss in pumping, which makes it great for low level mixing. Additionally, it can be added to the very bottom of the shaft (under an axial flow impeller) to help break up solids settling at the very bottom of the tank in flat bottom tanks. The Radial Turbine is also used in some cases to break up the surface build up in some slurries with floating particles or clumps.


  • POWER NUMBER (NP) = 3.4
  • FLOW NUMBER (NQ) = 0.62
  • Flow Direction: Radial
  • Diameters (1PC welded construction): 3” to 24”
  • Diameters (bolted blade construction): 18” to 300”+
  • Bores: ¼” to 18”+