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Tote Mixers

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Fusion Tote Mixers are designed for quick setup and enhanced portability while providing uniform tote mixing. 

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Custom styles are available...just contact us for details and quote! 

  • Fusion’s tote mixers are versatile, light-weight, stable, and provide uniform bulk fluid mixing.
  • Ideal for industrial and chemical applications where either low or high viscosity batches require blending.
  • Bridge Mount tote mixers offer an ultra robust platform for aggressive agitation. These attach across the top rails of cage style totes that are up to 52” wide, and can quickly be moved from tote to tote. Fork channels are available.
  • Cap Mount Tote mixers mount directly to a Schutz style 6” screw cap. Our tie rod mounting kit is included to provide additional stability.
  • Industrial-duty TEFC electric motors are standard and are available in a variety of sizes, phases, and voltages chosen based on your need. Washdown duty and explosion proof motors are optional. Air motors are also available.
  • A complete line of gearboxes and accessories provides a wide range of mixing speeds for either subtle or aggressive agitation. VFD ("speed controller") units are available.
  • Single or dual 316 stainless steel folding impellers or marine impellers are located on a 316 stainless steel shaft.
  • All stainless steel versions and other impeller styles are also available. Custom tote mixers can be designed and built to your application’s specification.


  • Direct Drive: ½ - 3HP (1150-1750 RPM)
  • Gear Drive: ½ - 3HP (230-350 RPM)
  • Batch: 275 to 575 gallons
  • Shaft Length: 36” FMB