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Mixer Seals

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Seal reliability is very important to our customers and so it is important to us. Additionally, so is value. We believe that seals should be easy to replace and rebuild, as well as not cost a fortune when it is not necessary.

We have seals for mixers ranging form low pressure to prevent dust ingress to high pressure double mechanical seals. We will work with you to find the right mixer seal for your application. When working with Fusion, you will also find that we are very flexible if you have a preference on seal manufacture. Fusion can take a customer supplied seal and build the seal housing to fit. If you have standardized on a seal brand such as Flowserve or John Crane, you can send us a seal and we will put it on a mixer we build for you!

Common Seal Types:

  • Lip Seal: Basic oil type seal
    • ELASTOMERS: Viton (FKM) & Teflon (Rulon)
  • Packing Glands: Low or high pressure designs
    • OPTIONS: Hard coat shaft surfaces, flush bushings, grease bushings
  • Mechanical Seals (Single or Double): Wet or dry running configurations
    • ELASTOMERS: Viton (FKM), EPDM, Kalrez (FFKM), Silicone, Aflas, Buna
    • STATIONARY: Silicon Carbide or Tungsten Carbide
    • ROTORY: Carbon (wet or dry), Silicon Carbide (virgin or carbon impregnated), Teflon
    • OTHER FEATURES: Barrier systems (wet or N2), flush ports, buffer, quench, debris wells, and leak detection systems
    • Industrial and Sanitary