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SM6 Impeller

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Designed as a more efficient alternate in gas dispersion to a Rushton impeller. The design of this impeller provides a radial flow pattern that moves material from the center of the vessel outward where it flows along the outer walls of the tank. It is most commonly used in two phase mixing (liquid/gas), but can also be used in emulsions and dispersions. Standard designs include industry typical proportions for blade height, width, and disc diameter. Blades are half round sections with concave face as the leading edge of rotation. The Smith impeller is more efficient due to the ability to provide more mass transfer of gas with less torque.


  • POWER NUMBER (NP) = 3.4
  • FLOW NUMBER (NQ) = 0.62
  • Flow Direction: Radial
  • Diameters (1PC welded construction): 3” to 300”+
  • Diameters (bolted blade construction): As required, to fit thru manways
  • Bores: ¼” to 18”+