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Compact stainless bearing frame integrated with the seal housing and mount for compact applications. This series was developed for small pilot tanks and pharma tanks where area on the tank top is limited. Without sacrificing quality, Fusion has developed this compact, dual bearing design for reliable 24/7 operation. Each PHD is a custom machined frame specific to each individual application. This allows for a wide range of seals, from vapor tight to high purity debris well designs to hold pressure. We can integrate with speed control to eliminate the need for gearing and limit shaft speed to optimize for the seal used.


  • POWER: 1/3 - 2HP
  • DIRECT DRIVE SPEEDS: 1,150 – 3,450RPM
  • Standard @ 1,750 RPM
  • GEAR DRIVE SPEEDS (if required): 175 – 850RPM
  • Standard @ 350 RPM
  • SHAFT LENGTH: Up to 72" From Mounting Base
  • Hollow Bore Shaft Connection (in tank sanitary couplings available)
  • CLOSED TANK MOUNTS: ANSI flange and Tri-clamp Ferrule.

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