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FG-S Series

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Fusion’s FG Series Mixer Drive is a rugged drive built for larger storage and process tanks. This series is intended for critical applications where reliability is crucial. Although the parallel shaft configuration sticks out quite a way out from the tank sidewall, this drive platform provides an equivalent reliable drop-in to replace belt driven installations with higher speeds. The high strength housing combined with the high capacity bearings and gearings allow for precise shaft and gear alignment and quiet operation. Fusion’s FG series drive also includes a double lip seal with trash guard for superior protection against oil leaks and outside contaminates.

Key Features

  • 2 Stage configurations for quiet and efficient operation
  • Modular design allows for various motor to gearbox connections including: Integral motor, NEMA-C and IEC adapters, Solid input shaft, scoop mount and motor mount platform. Customizable with almost any motor
  • Stainless Steel protective paint coating standard on gearbox – USDA/H1 compliant
  • Protective features and options for severe duty & washdowns environments
  • Optional oil-safe “virtual” and “true” dry well drive options.
  • Hollow output shaft configuration (Keyed, or collet chuck) 
  • B5 or B14 output flange on gearbox for interchangeability between Falk, Sumitomo, SEW, NORD etc.
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Bearings and spread bearing/flange mount designs to provide increased load capacity and extended service life
  • Shipped from factory pre-filled with lubrication in accordance to specified reducer size. Synthetic lubrication standard with synthetic H1 FDA options available
  • Minimum 1.5 mechanical service factor on all gearing and bearings
  • Sealed tank configurations also available: Vapor seals, stuffing box (up to 150 PSI) and mechanical seals both single or double (300 PSI +)


  • Power: 10HP – 250HP
  • Solid Mixer Shaft Sizes: 2” – 7.0”
  • Output Speeds: 175 RPM to 400 RPM+
  • Torque range of 13,700lb-in to 74,000 lb-in
  • 97% Gearbox efficiency (2 stage)
  • Gearing manufactured up to AGMA class 10+

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