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Top Entry Mag Drive

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In some cases, mechanical sealed mixers are just not an option. If you have searched for, operated, or maintained any top entry magnetic driven mixers, you will find that the few that are out there are built for lab or small scale, and often delicate in design.

Fusion’s approach to this has been more flexible. We take any mixer platform in top entry format, small or large, and can configure the design into a magnetic driven top entry mixer. Each bearing frame and magnetic coupling arrangement is custom configured for specific chemical compatibility, heat parameters, and torque requirements.

Key Features

  • Low or high viscosity blending
  • Small or large scale
  • Right angle or vertical drive configurations
  • Lube free or greased bearing frames
  • Chemical resistant options such as Hastelloy, Nickle, Titanium, and others.
  • Bearing options such as ceramic, nitride, and stainless hybrid bearing options
  • Composite bushings options such as Peek, Teflon, or metalized graphite


  • Power: 1/3 - 200HP
  • DRIVE speeds: 15-3450 RPM Options (geared and direct driven)
  • Drive Type: Any gear, belt, or direct driven