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AX Series

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Autoclave-safe for ultra-sanitary top-entry tank mixing applications requiring FDA, 3A, USP-VI, or BPE process specifications. Electric gearmotors, your choice of seal options, and a range of available polished finishes on the 316L stainless steel shaft and mixing impellers allow the Axiom to shine in your ultra-clean mixing process.

  • Autoclave safe, sanitary, aseptic small batch mixers designed to meet your FDA, 3A, USP Class-VI, or BPE process requirements.
  • Ideal for top entry configurations with sealed tanks in pharmaceutical, biotech, food/bev, and corrosive mixing applications.
  • Ultra-clean mixer design allows easy disassembly for autoclave sanitation processes. Housings have an integral 2” triclamp (TC) mount and are standard in FDA plastic (USP Class-VI), yet other TC adapters are available.
  • Electric gearmotors (IP65 and ROHS compliant) provide up to 100 watts at constant torque from 20-600 RPM.
  • Featured seal options include FDA Rulon lipseals (USP Class-VI) or carbon/ceramic/Viton mechanical seals.
  • Shafts and impellers are standard in 316L stainless steel. We offer a variety of impeller styles and sizes to choose from based upon the need of your application.
  • All wetted parts are finished to 20Ra as standard, with 15Ra and 8Ra polished finishes optional. Passivation and electropolish are also available.


  • Gear Motor: 1/25 - 1/4 HP (20 - 600 RPM)
  • Batch: 1 to 100 Gallons
  • Shaft Length: Up to 36" FMB

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