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FW Series

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A low cost custom gear option for small scale application where use is intermittent. Great for small pilot scale applications where the typical “portable mixer” bearing frame units are too heavy or too costly. Worm gear provides a single stage gear reduction with compact frame.

  • Economical price point.
  • Right angle design for reduced headspace.
  • Customizable ratio range for many types of applications.
  • Cast aluminum frame for weight and cost savings.
  • NEMA C face inputs for wide range of motor options.


  • POWER: 1/3 – 1HP
  • SHAFT DIAMETERS (TYPICAL): ¾”, 1”, & 1.25”
  • Typical SHAFT LENGTH: Up to 36” FMB
  • OPEN TANK MOUNTS: Plate, and Angle Riser
  • CLOSED TANK MOUNTS: ANSI flange and Tri-clamp Ferrule.

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