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Bridge Mount (BD-T, BG-T)

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The bridge mount tote mixer is an efficient and practical mixer for any bulk tote mixing application. The mixer utilizes either an electric or pneumatic motor mounted to a lightweight extruded aluminum frame. J hooks provide a quick, yet rigid, mount to the tote structure. A single or dual 316 stainless-steel impellers are attached to a 316 stainless-steel shaft. Each aspect of the design makes the assembly and installation, with a two-man team, simple and quick. Optional channels can be added to the bridge mount, for easy installation with a fork lift as well.

With the ability to use several options of motors (based on size, phase, and energization requirements) and gear drives, the bridge mount is very versatile for different fluid viscosities and densities. Additionally, stainless-steel folding or marine impellers can be used, depending on the application.

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