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Developed as a strategic partnership between Nord Gear and Fusion Fluid Equipment, this series is designed to provide a more robust right angle design at an economical price point than traditional worm gears. With a 2 stage helical/bevel gear set, many more years of service life is possible. This series is a great option for smaller bio-reactors and fermenters that require a quality made drive.

Key Features

  • High efficiency helical gearing.
  • Economical price point.
  • Great service life with quality output bearings.
  • Right angle design for reduced headspace.
  • Customizable ratio range for many types of applications, ranging from small scale with high torque (high viscosity ribbon blenders for example) to higher intensity fermentation and bio-reactors.
  • Cast aluminum frame for weight and cost savings.
  • NEMA C face inputs for wide range of motor options.
  • Single and double mechanical seal options with aseptic seal options and low hold up drains.