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FWS Series

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All stainless right angle drive configuration built with the best worm drive gearing currently on the market. Proudly working with ConeDrive to offer a high quality configuration to serve the needs of sanitary and corrosive applications. Worm gear provides a single stage gear reduction with compact frame. With stainless drive construction offerings being limited in the market, only the best worm gear construction will do.

  • All stainless construction.
  • Piloted output flange gearing for easier maintenance and better concentricity with closed tank configurations (upgrade from typical worm gear construction).
  • Right angle design for reduced headspace.
  • Customizable ratio range for many types of applications, ranging from small scale with high torque (high viscosity ribbon blenders for example) to larger scale high torque and low power applications (hold tanks or low viscosity batch tanks)
  • NEMA C face inputs for wide range of motor options.


  • POWER: 1/3 – 3HP
  • SHAFT DIAMETERS (TYPICAL): ¾”, 1”, 1.25”, & 1.5”
  • OPEN TANK MOUNTS: Plate, and Angle Riser
  • CLOSED TANK MOUNTS: ANSI flange and Tri-clamp Ferrule.

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