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Pro XL Stainless Series

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The Pro XL Stainless Series mixers are perfect for medium scale, high shear, or high intensity, batch processes requiring heavy duty mechanical configurations. However, unlike the Industrial Series, the Stainless Series uses a stainless-steel motor and bearing frame. Different washdown motor duty options, sizes, and voltages provide a wide range of mixer options for many applications. Additional options, including various seals, impeller types (hydrofoil, Bioprop, disperser blades, and high shear heads), mounting options, and gear ratios, are available. The Pro XL Stainless mixer uses dual sealed drive bearings with radial load rating of at least 11,700 LBF per bearing. Modular construction allows for easy service of drive components as well as longer drive component life cycle. NEMA connections allow for interchangeability of parts. Stainless steel mounting components and all fastening hardware are standard.


  • Power: 2-20HP
  • Direct Drive Speeds: 1,150 – 3,450RPM (Standard at 1,750RPM)
  • Shaft Diameters (Typical): 1¼ “, 1½ “, 1¾ “
  • Shaft Length: Up to 120” from mounting base (FMB)
  • Hollow Bore and Rigid Coupling Options for Shaft Connections:
  • Open Tank Mounts: Plate and angle riser
  • Closed Tank Mounts: ANSI flange and Tri-clamp Ferrule

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