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Turnkey Mixing Packages - Integrated Mixers & Tanks

When you require more than a mixer, Fusion will confidently design and build an entire turnkey system to accommodate your process needs. We engineer complete solutions that succcessfully integrate your input and our process knowledge into the package. Collaboration and open communication between Fusion’s engineers, application specialists, and fabricators foster an environment where creative results occur and your needs get met.

Dual Shaft Sanitary Mixing System

Dual Shaft Sanitary Mixing System Interior

Industry: Food & Beverage

Key Requirements: Mobile, sanitary, high shear in high viscosity, heat transfer

This 50 gallon mixing system was designed for processing high viscosity fluids with high shear.  Dual high-speed disperser impellers are affixed on one shaft for high shear.  A single hybrid helix anchor impeller with scrapers allows for heat transfer during agitation.  The system is mobile to allow for flexibility and ease of use by operators.

Turnkey 15

Industry: Electronics

Key Requirements: High pressure blending, Hazardous location, High purity components

This system was engineered for pilot-scale testing of various formulations for product validation. The mixer is driven by an air motor and contains components that allow for easy cleaning with triclamp connections and sanitary finishes.

Turnkey 14

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Key Requirements: All stainless steel, Ultra-sanitary finishes, Mobility, Dual mixers for two vessels, Explosion proof controls

This lab mixing station was highly customized to meet exacting pharma specifications. Dual mixers are driven by all stainless steel, explosion proof motors, with intrinsically safe controls contained in an all stainless, wash down duty enclosure. Mixer bearing housings contain full ceramic bearing sets with stainless steel internal parts to eliminate possibility of grease contamination. Locking wheels allow for mobility and safety during operation.

Turnkey 12Turnkey 12 Interior

Industry: Aerospace

Key Requirements: All stainless steel wetted parts, Complete and gentle agitation in vessel with abnormal geometry

This system was designed to dip long and narrow parts into vessel containing resin that easily stratifies, hence the need for complete and gentle agitation. Baffles are present to assist with mixing and to eliminate air entrainment. Multiple pitch blade turbine impellers are used on mixing shaft to ensure radial flow and proper top to bottom tank turnover.

High Viscosity Pharmaceutical Mixing System



Industry: Medical Technologies

Key Requirements: High-viscosity sanitary mixing, Dispensing, Safety & ergonomics, Process control

This system was developed for mixing medical adhesives and filling dispensing containers.  The dual-helix impeller is raised and lowered into the mixing vessel using simple pneumatic controls.  The use of light curtains ensures operator safety during this motion.  Simple controls reduce process deviation risk by providing limited options for mixing speed and cycle time.  When the mixing process is complete, a plunger is installed to allow easy evacuation of the material into convenient dispensing containers.  Vessel transportation was made more safe and ergonomic through the use of two-button controls, a custom tank lift, and transfer cart.

Pharma System Open Pharma System Closed

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Key Requirements:Ultra Sanitary Finishes & Mobility

This mixing system was built to serve the pharmaceutical industry, where the compliance with ultra-sanitary standards was required.  The motor and drive are stainless steel, with all wetted parts in 316L stainless steel.  High levels of manual polishing, passivation, and electropolishing yielded a better than 20Ra surface finish.  The mixing tank has a hydraulically-controlled lid, and the heavy-duty stainless steel cart allows the operator easy mobility of the system.

Centrifugal Mixer


Industry: Automotive

Key Requirements: High Viscosity Mixing and Degassing

This centrifugal mixing system was engineered for a customer in the automotive industry. The customer required thorough mixing of a highly viscous material.  Additionally, material specifications called for zero air bubbles; therefore, degassing was imperative during the mixing process.  To achieve these requirements, the system includes a vacuum pump to assist with mixing and degassing.  The mixing cup rotates while the internal assembly revolves, generating a symphony of centrifugal forces on the material within the cup and results in ideal mixing.  This system is controlled by a PLC touch screen and includes complete process automation. 

Mixing System with Removable BafflesRemovable Baffles Industry: Beverage

Key Requirements: Sanitation & Mobility

This complete mixing system was built for use in the beverage industry. The poly tank contains a removable baffle assembly (see inset image) that prevents vortexing and ensures proper mixing.  The Pro Series Stainless mixer that drives the 316 stainless steel shaft and dual marine props is securely attached via an adjustable ball and cup mount.  A variable frequency drive (or "VFD") allows control over mixing speeds.  A pump was included in the package to allow the operator to easily and quickly empty the mixing tank after processing.  An all-stainless steel mobile cart provides mobility requested by the customer.

Portable System

Industry: Chemical

Key Requirements: Portability, Power, and Custom Impellers

This customer was making dense chemical slurry. They requested an up-pumping anchor impeller in the cone bottom of the tank to address concerns common to this tank geometry. This system included a powerful, gear drive mixer with dual stainless steel impellers - a PF3 Hydrofoil in the middle and a custom up-pumping anchor in the cone tank bottom. A poly tank and lid sit on a painted steel stand with casters. The mixer bridge portion of the stand is removable for tank cleaning and replacement.

Complete Mixing System

Industry: Extruded Materials

Key Requirements: Dust Containment, High Viscosity Mixing, Bag Dumping Station, and In-Line Scale

This mixing system was assembled for a customer in the extruded materials industry. They were trying to mix bags of a hazardous powder and wanted to eliminate employee exposure. Our solution was to provide a completely sealed and negatively-pressurized system. The system allows the bags to be placed inside a cabinet, where they could be sliced open over a material hopper. The HEPA filtered dust collection system removed the hazardous dust while a screw auger system carried the material to a weight sensing hopper. When the proper amount of material was in the weight sensing hopper, a simple trap door dropped the material into the mixing tank.

Sanitary Mixing System

Industry: Bioscience Laboratory

Key Requirements: Portability, Sanitation, Speed Control, and Weight Display

This customer wanted a portable, pharmaceutical-grade, sanitary mixing system with accurate speed controls. They also wanted to be able to weigh the batch. This system incorporated our Axiom autoclave-capable mixing system with digital tachometer and analog speed controls. The poly tank with coated steel tank stand keep everything sealed and stable, while the entire system sits on a custom scale with basic functionality and digital display. Casters and a simple 110V plug in connection support portability.

Skid-Mounted Mixing System

Industry: Construction

Key Requirements: Portability, Pneumatic Lift, and Flexibility

Specs: 65" OAH / 18" Travel

This customer needed a portable mixer with enhanced flexibility to make small batches of varying mixtures. We designed a dual-shaft mixer that drove a tank sized anchor impeller and a counter-rotating, high-speed disperser impeller. Digital speed controls and tachometers were provided for each mixing shaft. The system uses linear-ball bearings and pneumatics to lift the mixer out of a jacketed, stainless steel mixing vessel. The entire system was mounted to a skid to allow quick jobsite portability.

Mixing System with Horizontal Helix Impeller


Industry: Consumer Products

Key Requirements: Portable Cart, Pneumatic Lift, Horizontal Helix Impeller

This ribbon blending system combines time-sensitive materials that are transferred to forming molds once processed.  Additionally, all surfaces require prompt cleaning once the materials are mixed and removed from the system.   To address these needs, a heavy-duty mobile cart was designed that fits beneath the stationary mixing structure.  Pneumatic cylinders lift the tank into position for mixing.   Once the mixing process is complete, the cart and attached vessel are lowered and the operator can quickly and safely transport the finished batch.  The two-part system allows access to all surfaces for thorough cleaning before beginning a new batch.  A large horizontal helix impeller is driven by a gear reducer and electric motor, offering the proper ratio to mix the materials to specifications.

Turnkey 5 Turnkey 5
Ribbon Blender 1


Industry: Construction

Key Requirements: Material Mixing/Storage, Process Automation

This ribbon blender system was designed to first mix dry batch ingredients with water, then store the mixture until needed.  The top mixing tank houses two horizontal helical ribbon blending impellers that incorporate the initial dry materials with water.  Afterwards, the processed mixture is transferred via a trap door to the lower staging tank, where a single ribbon blender keeps the contents agitated until portions are drawn off by the operator.   The automated mixing processes are driven by a PLC with a touch-screen interface mounted in the single control box that controls both vessels and all 3 helical impellers.