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Fusion welcomes the opportunity to design and build ribbon blenders for your mixing process.  A stainless steel helical impeller is oriented horizontally to mix very near the sidewall of the mixing vessel, and may be equipped with scrapers or paddles if necessary.  Ribbon blenders are best suited for industrial or sanitary mixing of thick, high viscosity fluids or incorporation of dry materials into a fluid.  A variety of optional accessories are available including various levels of system control and automation.

Industry: Construction

Key Requirements: Material Mixing/Storage, Process Automation

This ribbon blender system was designed to first mix dry batch ingredients with water, then store the mixture until needed.  The top mixing tank houses two horizontal helical ribbon blending impellers that incorporate the initial dry materials with water.  Afterwards, the processed mixture is transferred via a trap door to the lower staging tank, where a single ribbon blender keeps the contents agitated until portions are drawn off by the operator.   The automated mixing processes are driven by a PLC with a touch-screen interface mounted in the single control box that controls both vessels and all 3 helical impellers.

Ribbon Blender 1


Mixing System with Horizontal Helix Impeller


Industry: Consumer Products

Key Requirements: Portable Cart, Pneumatic Lift, Horizontal Helix Impeller

This ribbon blending system combines time-sensitive materials that are transferred to forming molds once processed.  Additionally, all surfaces require prompt cleaning once the materials are mixed and removed from the system.   To address these needs, a heavy-duty mobile cart was designed that fits beneath the stationary mixing structure.  Pneumatic cylinders lift the tank into position for mixing.   Once the mixing process is complete, the cart and attached vessel are lowered and the operator can quickly and safely transport the finished batch.  The two-part system allows access to all surfaces for thorough cleaning before beginning a new batch.  A large horizontal helix impeller is driven by a gear reducer and electric motor, offering the proper ratio to mix the materials to specifications.

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