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Custom MixerCustom Mixeracrylic vessel with helix impeller
Applications Features & Benefits
  • Industrial & Chemical Mixing
  • Sanitary & BioPharm Mixing
  • High Viscosity Mixing
  • Special Fluid Processing
  • Chemical Resistant Mixing Equipment
  • Automation & Process Control
When you need customized industrial mixing and agitating equipment for your unique fluid process, look to Fusion. Our high quality mixing equipment for industrial, chemical, sanitary, biopharm, high viscosity, and automated mixing systems is custom-designed and fabricated per your specifications.

Offerings span a wide range from highly customized mixers to our standard mixers that have been modified and accessorized. Properly sized valves, controls, and fittings are important to ensure optimal performance, safety, efficiency, and longevity of your equipment.

With our application and design expertise, extensive network of suppliers, 3D modeling, and numerous other custom fabrication capabilities, Fusion is prepared to provide unique solutions for your custom mixing needs. Your expectations will be exceeded by our ability to offer the highest level of customer-specified options available in the mixer market. Let us construct the right equipment and accessories for your project!
  • Direct Drive:1/40-100HP (870-3600 RPM)
  • Gear Drive: 1/20 - 100HP (4-720 RPM)
  • Batch: As Required
  • Shaft Length: Up to 360”FMB

Custom Dual Concentric Shaft Mixer

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Key Requirements: Sanitary, high viscosity blending, dissolving solids, high pressure, heat transfer

This custom sanitary mixer has dual, counter-rotating shafts powered by two separate drives. Heat and pressure get applied to ensure desired blend of waxes and powdered ingredients during processing. A series of three mechanical seals were used to hold pressures up to 100 PSI through the concentric shafts. The first mixer provides high shear agitation to dissolve active powder ingredients using high speeds and a disperser impeller. The second mixer uses lower speeds to provide viscous flow and heat transfer, and the helix impeller blades are equipped with FDA Teflon sidewall scrapers. Stainless motors, sanitary triclamp connections, and sanitary surface finishes allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the entire assembly.




Liquefier Mixer Liquefier in Tank

Liquefier System

Industry: Food & Beverage

Key Requirements: High shear, High flow, Sanitary, Bottom entry

This custom sanitary mixing system was developed in partnership with A&B Process in Stratford, WI to improve on current liquefier systems available from our competition. Pairing the superior quality of A&B Process’ tank construction and the ultimate performance of a Fusion mixer, this system delivers high shear and flow for dispersing and liquefying within a wide range of sanitary applications. The maintenance process is simplified with ANSI connections, cartridge flushable seals, and a standard NEMA C-face motor frame. Watch system in action and call Fusion today to ask more about the “Liquefuser” system! 

Acrylic mixing vessel with helix impeller

Industry: Semiconductor

Key Requirements: Easy cleaning and tool-free disassembly, Small scale, High viscosity mixing, Sanitary finish

This custom mixer was engineered to mix and hold small batches of slurry on a desktop scale. The unit required easy cleaning and tool-free disassembly. Driven by an electric motor, this mixer utilized a double helix impeller with a 32Ra finish within an acrylic mixing vessel.

stainless mixer with squirrel cage impellersanitary threaded coupling

Industry: Food & Beverage

Key Requirements: All stainless steel, Sanitary, Dispersion

This all-stainless steel direct drive mixer features a threaded sanitary coupling to attach the mixing shaft to the drive. A pitch blade turbine impeller is positioned higher to assist with axial flow. The squirrel cage impeller allows for high shear and dispersion of batch ingredients. The entire mixer is polished to sanitary finish requirements.

flow mixer with cowles impeller

Industry: Construction

Key Requirements: Heavy-duty build, Dispersion

The heavy-duty design of this plate mount direct drive mixer allows for many years of continued operation. The cowles (or sawblade) mixing impelller is used for proper dispersion of batch ingredients into a highly viscous fluid. An all-painted finish provides durability, while all wetted parts are constructed of 316 stainless steel.

Hydraulic Mixer on Tank

Industry: Agricultural

Key Requirements: Hydraulic Motor, Mount to Existing Tank

This mixer was built for mixing agricultural materials during the planting process.  A hydraulic motor is used to drive the mixer, and is mounted to the existing tank’s lid.  Additionally, the wetted parts that make contact with the fluids inside the tank (such as the shaft and impeller) are constructed from our standard 316 stainless steel to increase longevity of the mixing equipment.


Float in Basin

Industry: Chemical

Key Requirements: High Corrosion Resistance, Floating Platform, & Durability

This mixer and platform system was built to serve a customer who required reliable mixing for a highly-corrosive fluid within the holding basin. To accommodate the high sulfuric acid levels, the mechanical portions of the mixer were fabricated using 100% Alloy 20, including the housings and hardware. The severe-duty NEMA C-face 25hp motor operates at 1150rpm to agitate the basin’s contents properly. Additionally, the mixer design includes an automatic grease lubrication ability to provide easy and less-frequent maintenance schedules for the operator. The 8-foot diameter mixer support float was built using vinyl ester layup on the platform, and was finished with a UV-resistant gel coat for added corrosion resistance.




Air Sparging Impeller for Liquids

Industry: Chemical

Key Requirements: Air Sparging Impeller for Liquids

This mixer, equipped with an air sparging impeller, was built for thorough mixing of fluids. The mixer is powered by an electric motor that is paired with a gear drive unit to achieve the proper reduction ratio. Air is forced down the hollow shaft constructed of hastelloy, then introduced to the contents of the mixing tank via holes on the edges of the impeller’s blades. This allows the liquid to be completely entrained with air, yielding desired agitation during the mixing process.

Sparging Impeller

Industry: Electronics

Key Requirements: Mixing and sparging air through powder

This rotating stainless steel sparging mixer is a custom variation of our Flow Series. A special rotating pneumatic coupler allows air to travel through the hollow shaft and hollow impeller to the mixing tank. Perforations in the impeller force air into the powder as the impeller rotates. The results of this process include uniform mixing and moisture extraction from the powder.



Mag Mixer ModelMag Mixer


Industry: Electronics

Key Requirements: High purity, high pressure, high temperature, high viscosity mixing

This highly custom magnetically-driven mixer was designed for top entry use in extreme conditions. Due to the sensitivity of the product to contamination, Fusion developed this high torque top entry mixer. Tank spool with 45 degree sanitary fittings was also included to allow product addition with limited tank space. Mixer drive is rated for XP inverter duty service. The 3D model is shown on the left; the photograph of the finished mixer is shown on the right.