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Made-to-Order Mixer Lift Stands - Electric, Pneumatic, & Manual

Fusion proudly offers custom mixer stands so you don’t need to settle on a generic stand that doesn’t fit your application perfectly. When engineering your stand, we model the design in 3D before fabrication to ensure a robust design and proper function. Your process is important and it deserves the right support.

Fusion Lift Stands are designed to support your process and fit the needs of your application. Review the available options, and contact us to discuss your project in further detail. Scroll down for examples of recent projects.

Industry: Food and Beverage

Key Requirements: Stationary, Pneumatic Lift

Quick Specs: 81" OAL

This stationary, all-stainless steel mixer lift stand was designed for use with a sanitary right angle mixer.  Pneumatic cylinders allow the operator to easily position the mix tank beneath the stand, and custom Teflon impeller blades gently process each batch. The application requires mixing at timed intervals; therefore the mixer includes a digital, pre-programmed variable speed unit and timer.
Pneumatic Stand with FW Mixer
Pneumatic Stand with PDA Mixer

Industry: Inks and Dyes

Key Requirements: Stationary, Pneumatic Lift, Air Motor

Quick Specs: 110" OAL

This painted, stationary mixer lift stand was engineered to support a direct drive mixer with an air motor.  The pneumatic lift is controlled by a joystick, and allows the mixer height to be easily adjusted for various batch sizes.  A perforated column was used to provide maximum height flexibility and safety for the operator.

Industry: Food and Beverage

Key Requirements: Sanitation and Portability

Quick Specs: 87" OAH / 54" Travel

This all-stainless steel stand was designed for use with two 75# clamp-mount mixers. To address sanitation and cleanliness concerns, it features a TIG-welded, sealed-tubular construction with a minimal amount of vertical surfaces. All welds were ground smooth and all surfaces were polished to <32Ra finish. PTFE bushings provide a smooth lifting motion with no metal-to-metal contact.

Sanitary Manual Lift Stand
Sanitary Pneumatic Lift Stand

Industry: Food and Beverage

Key Requirements: Stationary, Sanitary, Pneumatic Lift, Multi-Tank, Ceiling Clearance Restrictions, Heavy-Duty Design with Heavy-Duty Mixer

Quick Specs: 138" OAH / 72" Travel

This heavy-duty mixer/lift stand package was built for a customer with very complex needs. The stationary, floor-mounted stand accepts two uniquely sized tanks of varying height, width, and depth. The stand utilizes telescoping cylinders to bring the mixing impeller to the bottom of the shortest tank while lifting the system high to clear tall tanks. PTFE bushings provide a smooth lifting motion with no metal-to-metal contact. The lift stand has all welds ground smooth and all surfaces polished to <32Ra finish. A heavy-duty, right angle mixer drive keeps the head space low to prevent contact with the 13 foot ceilings, while maximizing torque for the thickest mixtures.
Lift Stand Model Painted Lift Stand
Electric Lift Stand

Industry: Chemical

Key Requirements: Heavy Duty, Portability, Electric Winch, and 102" Lift Height

Quick Specs: 121" OAH / 72" Travel

This clamp-mount mixer lift stand features heavy-duty steel tube construction and an electric winch. Per the customer's needs, the mixer mounting flange lifts to over 102" from the floor. The wide footprint on this portable stand wraps easily around a 48" tank.

Industry: Construction Materials

Key Requirements: Stationary, Pneumatic Lift, Flexible Mounting Flange

Quick Specs: 87" OAH / 36" Travel

This floor-mounted, stationary lift stand was designed for a customer that needed a pneumatic lift with a flexible, mixer mounting flange. A smooth lifting motion was accomplished by combining a pneumatic cylinder with a pair of ball bearing slides. The mounting plate contains a customer approved bolt hole pattern to allow their mixers to be quickly removed and exchanged for other models based on production needs.

Stationary Lift Stand
Skid-Mounted Lift Stand

Industry: Construction

Key Requirements: Portability, Pneumatic Lift, and Flexibility

Specs: 65" OAH / 18" Travel

This customer needed a portable mixer with enhanced flexibility to make small batches of varying mixtures. We designed a dual-shaft mixer that drove a tank sized anchor impeller and a counter-rotating, high-speed disperser impeller. Digital speed controls and tachometers were provided for each mixing shaft. The system uses linear-ball bearings and pneumatics to lift the mixer out of a jacketed, stainless steel mixing vessel. The entire system was mounted to a skid to allow quick jobsite portability.


Industry: Pharmaceutical

Key Requirements: Sanitary Finishes, Portability, and Flexibility

Specs: 64" OAH

This sanitary all-stainless steel mixer lift stand was designed for use with a clamp-mount mixer.  A joystick controls the dual pneumatic cylinders providing a smooth lifting motion.  All welds were ground smooth and all surfaces were polished to <32Ra finish.  The application required a stand that could support a mixing vessel or straddle a free-standing tank.  A bi-folding base was designed to accommodate the variability of tank positioning, while casters provided the necessary portability. 

Stand with Folding Floor