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Folding Drum Impeller for 2" NPT Bung Opening

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Power Number (Np) = 0.5
Flow Number (Nq) = 0.5

Folding impellers are most commonly used in mixing applications where access to the vessel is limited, such as with 55 gallon drums. Fusion's folding drum impeller design is essentially a two-bladed, pitch blade turbine impeller design, where the blades fold down against the shaft when not in use. The folding design allows the impeller and shaft to be inserted and retracted through a 2" NPT bung hole typically found in drum lids. Fusion's design allows the impeller to slide up the shaft allowing for dual impellers on a shafts up to 3/4"OD.

This design provides a combination of both radial and axial flow, generates high shear levels, and provides excellent mixing ability while allowing easy installation and removal.

Fusion's folding drum impellers come standard in 316 Stainless Steel with standard mill finish. We can also design and produce custom folding drum impellers to address access problems specific to your application. Custom materials such as 304 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Solid Teflon, and Carbon Steel versions are also possible with custom surface finishes.