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Cowles/Sawblade Impeller Cowles/Sawblade Impeller Model

Cowles Impeller - Sawblade Impeller

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Power Number (Np) = 0.45
Flow Number (Nq) = 0.26

The Cowles, or Sawblade, design of this impeller provides mixing by generating high shear levels. This design is most commonly used in applications where the high shear levels are needed to prevent clumping. The Cowles/Sawblade is suggested for use in wetting out powders, dispersing fine solids, and creating emulsions. This impeller can be fabricated to fit almost any shaft diameter and comes standard in 316 Stainless Steel, but 304 Stainless Steel versions are also available. 304 Stainless Steel Sawblades can be hardened for abrasive mixing applications. Various surface finishes are available.