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      Simplified Mixing Calculator    
      Compliments of Fusion Fluid Equipment, LLC    
    Our competitors want you to believe that mixer sizing requires impossible calculations and a pinch of black magic. At Fusion Fluid Equipment, we want you to be confident that you are getting the right mixer for your money, so we are providing a free basic mixing calculator for your reference. Feel free to check our work and that of our competitors with our free simplified mixing calculator. If you have questions or concerns with your application, contact us so that we can work them out together.  
      Required Inputs:          
      Description Input Value Units: Notes:    
      Tank Volume: gallons      
      Fluid Specific Gravity: -      
      Fluid Viscosity: centipoise (Cp) Dynamic Viscosity    
      Impeller Style:
      Number of Impellers:
      Impeller Diameter: inches      
      Mixer Shaft Speed: RPM      
      Calculated Outputs          
      Description Output Value Units: Notes:    
      Reynolds Number: -    
      Impeller Pumping Rate: gallons/minute      
      Bulk Fluid Velocity: feet/minute      
      Mixing Scale: - Similar to Chemineer's "Chem Scale"  
      Tank Turnovers per Minute: turns/minute      
      G Value: 1/seconds Used in waste water applications  
      Tip Speed: feet/min Shear indicator for radial flow impellers  
      Minimum Motor Power: HP      
    Fusion Fluid Equipment provides this tool for reference only. While Fusion Fluid Equipment strives to provide accurate information, no expressed or implied warranty is given by Fusion Fluid Equipment as to the accuracy and usefulness of this information. Use or misuse of this information is at the risk of the user. This tool is subject to change without notice.